• Comhar Magazine Cover 2

    Comhar Magazine Cover 2

    My second magazine cover for Comhar.
    The theme was the ten best books of the year as …

  • MyVolts.com Web-Video

    MyVolts.com Web-Video

    Made this web explainer video for a new USB power cable for the Myvolts.com website.
    Nice quick …

  • culturstruction-main

    Culturstruction WebSite

    Simple minimalist portfolio site

  • Frost Island Movie Sizzler Trailer

    Frost Island Movie Sizzler Trailer

    Made this Sizzler for a film called Frost Island.
    Sizzlers are used by production companies during the …

  • Comhar Magazine Cover

    Comhar Magazine Cover

    This was my first magazine cover.
    The more than capable Mark Wickham designed the cover in illustrator …

  • timeline_main


    WordPress Website with CMS and tons of stuff

  • Discover Ireland Gathering Campaign

    Discover Ireland Gathering Campaign

    I handled all the 3D rendering and some of the lighting for 4 separate commercials for …

  • Follow The Fleet 2012

    Follow The Fleet 2012

    Made these four animations with Fergal Brennan for the Irish Maritime Development Office.
    Based on stories written …

  • Meet Your Neighbours

    Meet Your Neighbours – TV Opening Sequence

    Animated Opening Sequence for TV Show

  • Killruddery Film Festival Trailer

    Killruddery Film Festival Trailer

    Trailer I made to promote The Killruddery Film Festival in Bray in 2011.
    All the clips where …

  • Follow The Fleet 2011

    Follow The Fleet 2011

    Made these four animations with Fergal Brennan for the Irish Maritime Development Office.
    These were stories written …

  • shit-robot

    Shit Robot – Losing My Patience

    Worked on some of the animation for this music video

  • eclipse

    Eclipse Pictures Website

    HTML site for film Distribution Company

  • Arnotts Summer Sale Advert

    Arnotts Summer Sale Advert

    This advert was shot in my studio in the summer of 2010.
    I handled the video post …

  • savage-movie

    Savage Movie Website

    Flash based site for Savage Movie

  • Savage Trailer

    Savage Trailer

    I made this trailer along with the website and web banner ads for the 2011 Brenden …

  • Smart Monitoring Corporate DVD

    Smart Monitoring Corporate DVD

    I made this corporate in 2010.
    We had a very limited budget and I needed to ensure …

  • The Hat

    The Hat

    Written by Garret Shanley
    Illustrations by Cathal Duggan
    I did pretty much everything else,
    Yes I am the …

  • Windell Comics Advert

    Windell Comics Advert

    The super talented guys at Windell Comics asked me to make a trailer-style promo video for …

  • Timeline Ident

    Timeline Ident

    Made this ident for Irish genealogy company timeline.ieĀ  in 2009

  • Republic of Loose Music Video

    Republic of Loose Music Video

    I worked on this music video for Republic of Loose.
    I just handled some fx and the …

  • Out Of Site DVD Menu

    Out Of Site DVD Menu

    Made these two DVD menus for Out of Site, a Dublin City Council Arts project in …

  • Laundry


    I made this film by myself in 2007.
    To my surprise it was selected for the Galway …

  • KillerCoke Advert

    KillerCoke Advert

    Made this advert back in 2006 for killercoke.org
    It was distributed through p2p piggy-backing onto popular sports …

  • Christmas


    Thing I made for Christmas in 2005

  • Chomsky Torrents Web Advert

    Chomsky Torrents Web Advert

    Web Advert I made for a political peer2peer website in 2005. (website is no longer around)
    Based …

  • Near Tv ident

    Near Tv ident

    Made This ident for North Dublin Community TV production Company NearTV in 2005.
    Not sure who designed …

  • FILI na Gcnoic TG4 Documentary

    FILI na Gcnoic TG4 Documentary

    Myself and Fergal Brennan spent over 5 months doing the video post production including the animation …

  • College Graduate Film

    College Graduate Film

    This is my College Graduate film made in 2001.
    The whole thing is mixture of shortwave radio, …